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New York Home Inspector Training

Want to become a home inspector in New York?

Current New York requirements to become a home inspector include completing a training course of at least 100 hours in the classroom (online or home study courses are not allowed), 40 hours of hands-on with a licensed New York home inspector, and pass the state licensing exam. 

We do not offer a classroom course in New York. Sorry we cannot help you. 

For more information and details on New York Home Inspector Licensing, visit the New York Home Inspection General Information Web Site, or contact the New York Division of Licensing Services by mail, phone, fax, or email:

New York State Department of State
Division of Licensing Services
84 Holland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208-3490

(518) 474-4429
fax: (518) 473-6648
e-mail: licensing@dos.state.ny.us

A Better School of Building Inspection, P.O. Box 1986, Salt Lake City, UT  84110.

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