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Colorado Home Inspector Training

Want to become a home inspector in Colorado?

Our Colorado Residential Home Inspection Package includes:

  • The 12-Volume DVD set showing you close to 2000 scenes of real defects from actual homes.
  • The 500-page manual with over 350 line diagrams, hands-on inspection procedures, marketing ideas, and more.
  • The 2-DVD Virtual Inspection set (regular price $100).
  • Complimentary membership in NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors, established in 1987).
  • As a Special Bonus, we include the Residential Inspection Forms on CD at no extra cost. Most companies charge $300 to $900 for inspection forms.

You get all of this for only $499 + $15 S&H.

We'll throw in the 11-DVD "Live" Classroom on DVD Set for only $100 more.

If you complete our home inspection training program, you receive a complimentary membership in NAHI, the premier home inspector association. Consumers and others in your area can then immediately recognize you as a legitimate home inspector. Also, with our training and NAHI membership, you can get much more reasonably priced professional insurance.

Through our program, you will develop an ability to recognize how homes fail (a very specialized knowledge base) long after they have been built under code. Only people who have extensive experience in repair & maintenance in ALL the different trades would already know the kinds of things taught in a good quality home inspector training program. Even those highly qualified individuals would not know where a home inspection begins and where it ends. They might under-inspect or over-inspect a home if they do not learn what is expected in a home inspection. We teach that as well!

Are you a BUILDING CONTRACTOR who has been building new homes for years? Home inspectors evaluate how a home has failed, not whether it was built properly under code, perhaps years before. Builders who are expert at builidng under code, but do not repair and maintan existing homes in ALL the treades in a significant way, will unfortunatley not have the background and experience to know what home inspectors must inspect for. It's like expecting someone who has been trained so carefully and expertly to install carburetors to somehow magically also be capable of troubleshooting and diagnosing failures in them as well. Those are two related, but completely different skill sets that requie differnt training experiences.


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Residential Inspection Home Study Package     (12 DVD Series, Residential Inspection Manual, Residential Inspection Forms on CD, 2 DVD Virtual Inspection Set, and Homework Assignments)
$499   + $15 S&H    Total $514

Residential Inspection Home Study Package + "Live" Classroom DVDs    (12 DVD Series, Residential Inspection Manual, Residential Inspection Forms on CD, 2 DVD Virtual Inspection Set, Homework Assignments, and "Live" Residential Inspection Class DVDs)
$599 + $15 S&H       Total  $614

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For more information on these courses, click on the above links or see our webpage at www.hometraining.com

To inspect rental property in Boulder County, you must be at least a candidate member of ASHI and you must have passed the ASHI Standards and Ethics exam, (our home study course prepares you for this).

A Better School of Building Inspection, P.O. Box 1986, Salt Lake City, UT  84110.

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