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Houston, Galveston, and Brazoria, Texas (TX) Home Inspector Training Classes

Houston, Galveston, and Brazoria, Texas (TX-77008) �

Texas Home Inspector Training

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Our course is TREC-approved for all 450 hours required to be a Texas Professional Home Inspector with no apprenticeship/sponsorship required.  This course is offered in partnership with Texas State University--San Marcos, Office of Continuing Education. We offer all 450 hours through DVDs, manuals, and practice inspections - no need to sit in a classroom or take off workAll 14 documents you receive at completion will have the name Texas State University--San Marcos on them. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take these home study courses. Click here for an explanation of the TREC rules.

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Complete Package Price (All 3 parts shipped at same time)
Get all 450 hours via home study for only $1999 + $25 shipping and handling.

To order the complete package call 1-888-466-4677
or to order online click here


"Pay as You Go" Prices
Buy and Complete One Part at a Time Before Purchasing the Next Part

To order any part, call 1-888-466-4677 or to order online click here

3-Part Option (See below for 11-Section Option)

  • Part I:  Experience Training Module, Residential Inspection (120 hours)    $699
    Part I includes 25 DVDs, practice inspections, proctored exams, etc.  We are the only school we know of that offers this Experience Training Module through Home Study. You can verify this with the education department at TREC  at 512-465-3981.  With our program, you don't need to sit for 3 weeks in class as required by other schools.  Plus, you will learn much more with our program.
  • Part II:  Core Course, New Construction Inspection   (122 hours)     $599
    Part II includes 11 DVDs, 450 page manual, proctored exam, etc.
  • Part III:  Texas Additional Requirements  (222 hours)      $699
    Part III includes 2 manuals, 1 book, proctored exam, etc. 

    Add $15 S&H for each part ordered separately.

    After you have purchased all of the parts, we will send you the Residential Forms CD and the New Construction Forms CD at no extra cost.


11-Section Option

Get Started For as Low as $150! No Interest to Pay! Ever!

To order any section, call 1-888-466-4677

Part I: Residential Inspection, Experience Training Module (120 hours)
  • Section A: 6 DVDs for $150
    DVDs included: Structural, Exterior, Basic Roofing, Advanced Roofing, Interior, Wood Destroying
  • Section B: 6 DVDs for $150
    DVDs included: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Steam, Procedures, Business Law
  • Section C: 5 DVDs for $150
    DVDs include "Live Classroom/In the Field" instruction on Electrical, Plumbing, Wood Destroying, Business
  • Section D: 6 DVDs for $150
    DVDs include "Live Classroom/In the Field" instruction on Exteriors, Structures, HVAC, Steam, Interiors
  • Section E: 3 Actual Inspections for $100

Part II: New Construction Inspection - Core Course (122 hours)

  • Section F: 6 DVDs for $175
    DVDs include: General Types, Exterior Building, Interior Building, Footings& Foundations, Exterior Electrical, Interior Electrical
  • Section G: 5 DVDs for $175
    DVDs include: Drainage Plumbing, Supply Plumbing, HVAC Heating, HVAC Units, HVAC Air-Cond.
  • Section H: New Construction Manual for $250

Part III: Texas Additional Requirements (222 hours)

  • Section J: Residential Inspection Manual for $250
  • Section K: Fundamentals of Construction Book for $250
  • Section L: Texas Supplemental Manual for $200.

Add $10 S&H for each section ordered separately.

After you have purchased all of the sections, we will send you the Residential Forms CD and the New Construction Forms CD at no extra cost.

Detailed Description of the Texas Package Contents

Part I: Residential Inspection, Experience Training Module

12 Residential Inspection DVDs

All together in these DVDs you see close to 2000 real life scenes and actual defects from real homes.  (Circles and arrows are used so you can see the precise item being discussed.)  Some home inspectors get this sort of exposure only after completing 400 or more home inspections.  Quizzes come along with the DVDs.

The titles of the 12 DVDs are Structural, Exterior, Basic Roofing, Advanced Roofing, Interior, Wood Destroying, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Steam/Hot Water, Procedures, Business Law. For details on each DVD, click here.

11 "Live" Class DVDs

(It is as though you are in class with us doing the hands-on and in-the-field exercises.)

  • Conduct your own "hands-on" evaluation of several Electrical Panel Boxes and a combined Furnace/Water Heater system. Then, compare your evaluation results with those of an experienced home inspector. After that, listen to our instructor provide detailed explanations of the defects that were found in the panel boxes and the furnace/water heater system.
  • Take the same Roofing, Exterior, and Structural Field Training tours of over 200 homes provided to the students in our classroom, except you get to see defects up close.
  • Conduct your own "in-the-field" evaluation of an entire exterior and structure of a home. Then, compare your evaluation results with those of an experienced home inspector.
  • Conduct your own "in-the-field" evaluation of a roof of a home. Then, compare your evaluation results with those of an experienced home inspector.
  • Listen in on question and answer sessions between students like you and an experienced home inspector/trainer.

2 Virtual Inspection DVDs

In the first DVD, an Experienced Home Inspector shows you scenes of what he is inspecting in the home. As you watch the DVD, you conduct your own inspection.  In the second DVD, the home inspector explains the defects and problems he found in that home.  You can then compare your results with those of the experienced inspector.

Three Inspection Forms

You practice doing complete inspections on three ages of homes, so you have the experience of inspecting all types of home.  You can inspect your home, friends' homes, etc.  We evaluate your inspections based on the age of the home.

Part II: New Construction Inspection

11 New Construction Inspection DVDs

These DVDs address close to 2000 new construction and code related issues.  They contain real life scenes from new construction sites.  Circles and arrows are used so you can see the precise item being discussed.

The titles of the 11 DVDs are  General Types, Exterior Building, Interior Building, Footings & Foundations, Exterior Electrical, Interior Electrical, Drainage Plumbing, Supply Plumbing, HVAC Heating, HVAC Units, HVAC Air Conditioning. Quizzes come along with the DVDs.

450-Page Manual for the New Construction Training Series

This manual contains a pullout bound code cross-referenced and extensively indexed book. Chapters include: Code-Related Items, Business and Legal Issues, Wood Frame Construction.
Quizzes come along with the manual.

Part III: Texas Additional Requirements

500-Page Manual for the Building Evaluation Training Series

Chapters: Site, Building Exterior, Building Interior, Structural System, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Procedures, Wood Destroying, Legal Issues, Legal Cases, Association Standards, Glossary.
Quizzes come along with the manual.

Texas Home Inspection Supplemental Manual

Chapters: Appliances, Standard Report Writing, EPA & Consumer Product Safety Commission, Home Wiring Hazards, Standards of Practice & Legal & Ethical Issues.

Fundamentals of Residential Construction Manual

24 Chapters. Quizzes come along with this manual.

All 3 Parts mentioned above cover all 450 hours and the 14 topics required by TREC.
There are homework assignments and a proctored exam for each part.

The course numbers and names for Texas State University are listed below.  All of these courses are included in the Complete Package and are included in the total of Parts I, II, and III.

Course 202  New Construction Inspection Training       122 core hours
Course 205  Texas Standards of Practice                      8 hours
Course 275  Experience Training Module                      120 hours

Additional Courses required for Education Alternate      Total 222 hours      

Course 225A Appliances 10 hours
Course 250B Building Enclosures 12 hours
Course 250C Electrical Systems 25 hours
Course 250D Foundations 30 hours
Course 250E Framing 30 hours
Course 250F HVAC Systems 25 hours
Course 250G Plumbing 25 hours
Course 250H Roof Systems 25 hours
Course 203 Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics 15 hours
Course 225J Standard Report Form/Report Writing 15 hours
Course 225K EPA, CPSC, & Business 10 hours

If you prefer, we also have a combination of hands-on and home study for the lowest price that we are aware of.

Combination In-The-Field/Hands-On/Home Study    $1999+ $25 S&H

Some people like the experience of in-the-field training.  If you purchase the Texas Complete Package, you can come to our 1-Day Live Training Course in Salt Lake City, Utah at no extra cost.  You would have to pay travel expenses and hotel, etc., We have arranged the class to help you save money.  The class meets at a hotel that has a free shuttle to and from the airport.  The hotel gives the people in the class a rate of $69 per night (a savings of about $30 a night).  Click here to see the schedule of classes.

Additional Free Bonuses For Texas Students

1.  Residential Inspection Forms on CD

No additional cost for the Residential Forms Disc when you purchase the $1999 complete package.  This disc is usually $195.  Although Texas requires that you use their inspection form as a minimum, they do allow you to report more.  Use our forms to give your client a more detailed report.

2.  New Construction Inspection Forms on CD

No additional cost for the New Construction Forms Disc when you purchase the $1999 complete package.  This disc is usually $195.  Use these forms to conduct County Fee Inspections and expand your business. 

3.  Free Study Guide for the Texas State Exam

The state exam used in Texas is very difficult. So, in addition to our excellent training material, we have also developed a Texas Exam Study Guide. This guide is included at no extra cost when you purchase the complete package--whether all at once or in parts. Also, one reason the test is so hard is that many of the questions have to do with code. We cover code in our package.

4.  Inspector Business Information

The following business information is included in the package at no extra cost.

General Business:  Type of organization--corporation, limited liability or sole proprietor
pricing, E&O Insurance, contracts, customer service/satisfaction, callbacks, ethics, sellers' inspections, confidentiality.

Marketing:  Marketing to real estate agents, marketing around real estate agents, internet, mailings, networking, (circuit) inspecting, advertising, new construction inspections

Liability:  Standards of Inspection, quality of inspection, adhesion contracts, partial inspections, negligence/gross negligence, common liability areas.

What Former Students Have Said:

"I took the Texas Home Study Course which included the DVDs, which have proven to be priceless.  I can go back and review the material anytime I want.  You divided your course into 3 segments and your payment options into 3 segments as well.  This made it easier to pay without having to save money or get a loan.  I love the way you break down the material.  It made comprehension so much easier.  Your Live DVDs tie everything together and give you confidence that you can do a good job.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in this field."  Fernando J.,  Texas

"I scored a 90% on the insanely impossible Texas State Exam, and already have in my hands my Professional Real Estate Home Inspector License, much thanks to your most excellent course!!! Your course and your Texas Exam Study Guide certainly helped me beat the odds that were against me. I also took a 2-day exam prep course (from another company), and in the class of 24 students (most of which have had 20 or more years of experience in construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical trades, etc.) most did poorly on the 2-day course’s pre- and post-tests. I scored the highest in the class!!!!"   Larry F., Texas

"The value of the home-based video series has allowed me to enter a home inspection career. The fact that I am able to stay home and learn at my own pace is a definite positive. The video series with live demonstrations and actual inspection experience is a super way to learn. I gained both knowledge and admiration for the respected field of home inspection through this course work. I look forward to obtaining my Professional Home Inspector license in Texas and starting up my home inspection business. Thank you for affording me this opportunity." Justin R. Texas

"Overall the material was excellent. The videos gave many examples of what I might find. The instructor in the videos seemed quite experienced and knowledgeable. The book and manuals were indepth. I feel confident I could perform an above average inspection for my future clients." Michael M., Texas


Advantages of Our Program

1. Why home study?  We think our materials are so good that you will want to keep them as references for future use.  With most on-line courses, you can usually view the material only a couple of times and then you can no longer access it. With our program, you get to keep all the DVDs and manuals you receive from us. Even when you sit in classroom, it is difficult to remember everything you learn. With our DVDs and manuals, you can pull out the material to review whenever you want.

2. We have been training home inspectors a long time. Since we began training home inspectors over 15 years ago, the number of training companies has increased over 10-fold. Training schools seem to pop up overnight. Some big publishing companies have recently entered the field. Has anyone at these big companies ever even done a home inspection?

3. We are a legitimate training company. We are an affiliate of ASHI and NAHI, the two oldest home inspection associations.  We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau On-Line.

  • Watch out for companies that offer you "free membership" in an association. The legitimate home inspector associations have yearly fees that range from $295 to $395. Other so-called associations have often been established by the training company and are not recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit association, nor are they recognized by others in the home inspection industry.

  • Watch our for companies that offer you free inspector "tools" such as a ruler, compass, or methods to read blue prints.  Such "tools" are not even used in actual inspections.

4. We only do inspector training. All our training material has been developed by actual inspectors. Material from some of our competitors is written by college professors. Do you think college professors actually do home inspections? Plus, we get right into home inspection. We don't waste your time.  We don't teach locksmithing, tax preparation, medical transcribing, etc.

TREC Rules

There are three levels of home inspectors in Texas: Apprentice, Real Estate, and Professional. With Apprentice and Real Estate, you must have a sponsor--a licensed Texas Professional Inspector willing to oversee your work and liability--see http://www.trec.state.tx.us/inspector/real_estate_inspector_app.asp
A Professional Texas Home Inspector does not need a sponsor. When Texas started licensing many years ago, a sponsor was required. However, nobody was becoming a home inspector because nobody was willing to sponsor someone who would probably turn out to be competition. So, TREC made an education alternative. With 450 hours of education and passage of a state test, a person could go directly to Professional Home Inspector and not require a sponsor. We assume that most people are going the education alternative path.

You have to be with a sponsor for a fairly long time. We have heard of people willing to sponsor, but they won't pay you. You can complete the education alternative and be out on your own making money in a shorter time than a sponsorship takes.

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